Serge Hamad is a French/Algerian self taught visual artist born in Algiers & based in NY since 2001

An artist and activist, Serge Hamad has created a diverse body of photographic and graphic work that explores a range of subject matter, from human rights issues to figures in repose. His documentary work has focused on poverty, war crimes, censorship, and discrimination “I use art to inform about socio-political situations, but I refuse to illustrate a judgment. I feel that an artwork is successful when once injected into the communication channels it manages to awake a dialog,” he has said of his recent work. Hamad’s more abstract photographs capture subjects relaxing on sprawling beaches hopeful foils to his more political series.
His work has been exhibited at several international galleries, on the Artspace platform as well as other international venues.
His donated art was also auctioned at Christie’s London to endorse women's rights as well as at Robert Wilson’s Water Mill Foundation to endorse young artists.

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